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Compassionate disruption. A Christmas Sermon

I’d sort of given up on this blog for a bit. I got pretty disheartened by the internet’s capacity for mean spiritedness. Rather a weak response, I know. Well let’s start again with my sermon for Christmas, including a story … Continue reading

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On Offence

Will Young was in the news recently, because he asked for Sadik Kahn’s help, as Mayor of London, in finding the identity of a bus driver. He was on a bus and was abused by a homophobic driver, who apparently … Continue reading

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The Lord Loves a Hufflepuff. The Anglican communion and the SEC

There was a recent social media fad concerning what Hogwarts house one belongs to. Of course, amost everyone likes to think they’re going to be in Gryffindor. Particularly the liberals in the church like me. We like to think we’re … Continue reading

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Your pastor is not your friend. Really?

I read a blog post on facebook entitled ” your pastor is not your friend” which caused a little pause for thought. It basically said that to be a good pastor you can’t be a friend to people like their … Continue reading

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Foster parents and religion

I’m rarely driven to impotent rage. Not that I never rage about anything, it’s just that normally I can do something about it. But the news reports about a “Christian” child being fostered my a Muslim family have made me … Continue reading

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Being a liberal. The “persecution” of Tim Farron

I’ve read a great deal about Tim Farron in the last few days, following his resignation from being leader of the LibDems. He said that it was impossible to reconcile being a Christian with being a political leader. That is … Continue reading

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Goodbye Indyref 2, Goodbye HardBrexit. Beware the Scottish Tories.

One vote went the way I wanted it to yesterday – the same-sex marriage vote in the Scottish Episcopal Church. I hadn’t expected it, but I certainly hadn’t expected what happened in the second vote, ie the General Election. The … Continue reading

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