My children are in danger

I started one of those government petition things – to get the Government to debate the Dubs Amendment again. This is the Amendment which says the UK will allow child refugees from Syria into this country. It originally had a target of 3,000 on it.

Here’s the link – please please sign it and advertise it as widely as you can.

The 3,000 figure was in David Cameron’s time, and now the number the government is permitting to allow in is 350. This deals only – and I emphasise, only – with those children who were already in Europe before March 2016. Those since are not permitted. That number – ie the number of kids seeking refuge before March 2016 – is 130,000. We are permitting 350 of them.

Why no more than that? Partly because allowing more than 350 would act as a “magnet”

That is, the Government think that if we allowed in more than 350 out of the 130,000 that are have been stranded in Europe without protection before 2016, families in Syria might abandon their children and make them walk hundreds of miles, or go on perilous sea journeys without supervision to this country – despite the fact we are not letting in any children post march 2016

I call that a pretty thin argument.

We are told we can’t afford them. To my knowledge there are thousands of families who have said they will take them in free of charge. The government even set up a Sponsorship Scheme to allow people to do this. But the administration and on-costs are not, it seems something we are willing to pay as a society.

When we adopted our son, we took him out of a foster home of four other children. One was nine, and had severe behavioural issues. One was eight and still had to wear a nappy – because of emotional trauma which he had not been addressed. Our own, beautiful, wonderful son, was so desperately in need of a family. I met them all, and wanted to take them all home with me. I would have done it if I could, even though it would have been hell to deal with, because they had no chance of a decent future.

I look at these children, covered in dust and fear, vulnerable and alone, and I see my children. I see children I never had, but wanted, I see children who are the brothers and sisters of my own wonderful son, I see children made in God’s image, and who are pulling at my heart. They are my responsibility, and they are yours.

We talk about privilege as though it’s a bad thing. It’s not. I am a very privileged person. I am privileged to be in a position to exercise power and responsibility for these children. You see, they look around them, at others in their position and feel despair. But we look at them, and we see the power we have to change minds, to change policy, to change the law, to change governments, and we are privileged with the one thing they do not have – hope.

Please, exercise your privilage. They are my children. They are yours too.

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  1. Craig Lambert says:

    ”We are told we can’t afford them. To my knowledge there are thousands of families who have said they will take them in free of charge. The government even set up a Sponsorship Scheme to allow people to do this. But the administration and on-costs are not, it seems something we are willing to pay as a society.”

    Which means the ‘thousands of families’ (citation needed) you refer to, are only prepared to take them in free of charge, if everyone else pays the charges! In any case, the on-costs are immense compared to the initial logistics of housing them…they have to be state educated, allowed full access to the NHS, to social services etc. The NHS is already on the edge of collapse, GP surgeries are overwhelmed with migrants signing up themselves and their families. Social Services would have to monitor each child to ensure that the ‘thousands of families’ you refer to don’t include the possibility of anyone in the household being a paedophile ‘chancer’….. No doubt there will be a fair number of priests and vicars licking their lips at the thought of a Syrian six year old arriving at their door…, it’s not easy to do anything ‘free of charge’, or without risk to those children, is it?

    Who pays for all the extra facilities and specialists we’d need for another 3,000, then another, then another? Migration and child displacement is not limited to a year or two or to one part of the world. It’s an ongoing situation in a world divided by religion and politics. A world where the God you love and respect is a mere spectator to all this wretched despair….And it’s not just about money. Teachers, Doctors etc. are leaving their professions in droves because the pressures of now are intolerable. It would take years to replace them….unless we allow them to flow in from overseas…with their own spouses and children in tow!

    Fast forward 20 to 30 years and children begin to produce children, so the population increases exponentially such that it becomes even harder to provide services and care for the young amidst an ageing population which may well have a life expectation of 90+ by 2050. I’ll be 86 then if I get that far. My projected pension is £3,000 a YEAR. The pension deal I signed up to when I started work in 1985 has already been battered to near death by greedy financial advisors and reckless stock market gamblers aside from a burgeoning migrant population and the disasters of science which might keep me alive when I’d be better off dead. The last few Governments have become aware the figures no longer stack up in a country whose population has increased by about 12 million, or 20% over those thirty years while financial fraud and corruption is endemic and while scientists discover cures for the diseases you believe god created to test us into solving one mess by creating another of our own making!

    Frankly, it’s little wonder we don’t want to pay as a society, because we’re creating a situation which leads to the destruction of society. Not just economically, but demographically and culturally. Sadly, your desire to do good, is clouded by your desire to please ‘god’. Which means you think very short term and with a delusional ideology… praying for example. It’s based on the absurd idea that God has a reason for all this cruelty, unfairness, migration, poverty. Apparently it’s part of his migration policy (The Pearly Gates border control mechanism)….. BUT, the first thing you do is get on the virtual phone to Him and pray that he changes his plan, or makes it easier for you to do your bit and get a soft passage into la la land! What a cop out! And what a betrayal of your own beliefs! The result of course, is the clergy taking to the internet, setting up petitions, writing blogs, politicising religion, arrogantly judging heathens (see previous comments) and so on…… In other words, talking the talk by imploring others to walk the walk.

    Okay, so you’ve adopted some kids already…. and produced one of your own….but surely room for one more? Cash in your pension, build an extension… Go on…. You know God would love you for it. 😉

    • frpip says:

      Refugees and migrants are net contributers to this country, rather than the otherwise. If you are worried about the NHS, these are the kids who will pay for it in their taxes, become doctors and nurses in it. I have already signed up to take refugees and will happily give whatever money is needed – I already give the moeny I don’t spend each month to helping various charities involved in this work. I will take in as many children as I possibly can. Because i know that one child is infinitely valuable, and I’m not remotely worried about the cost – the cost of not doing it is far greater.

  2. iolaire1 says:

    Powerful words. Our government is morally bankrupt. Our PM talks of her Christian faith but time & again demonstrates by her actions that it is no more than a veneer.
    We are a wealthy & influential country; of course we can afford them.
    Let the children come to me….

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