The compassionless society.

The Government, amid all the noise and haste about Brexit, has quietly recinded it’s agreement known as the Dubs Amendment, to accept 3,000 unaccompanied migrant children to the UK.

These are children who are particularly vulnerable to trafficking, the reports on the BBC and others say.

What that means is that there are 3000 children without mothers, fathers, or any adults to look after them. Eight, nine, ten year olds, four and five year olds, who are in danger of being sold and made to have sex for the profit of others.

3,000 children that we agreed to take, and now we’re not taking them into our country, because “we don’t have the resources”.

The fact that the government tried to do this quietly is iniquitous. The fact that it’s even possible is shameful.

Do the government really think it’s impossible to house 3,000 children? Does the government really think there are not 3,000 rooms in houses for children who have no parents?

I have heard the counter-arguemnt – that parents are sending their children out a lone because they think they have more chance of a better life that way – so allowing unaccompanied children means that this encourages the parents to abandon them.

The solution to that isn’t to stop unaccompanied children – it’s to start allowing accompanied ones. Can you imagine what sort of life it must be, that allowing your child to walk or sail hundreds of miles without you is a better option?

There has in the last year or so been a definitive “fin de siecle” feeling about the west. Brexit, Trump, the rise of Le Pen, the rise of intolerance, politicians who shamelessly lie, leaders whose bombast is more important than their integrity. But if anything signals a true end to the societies we have known and valued for the last century or so, it is this. When compassion is so thin that we refuse to help children – that is a society which doesn’t deserve to thrive.

St Paul wrote “be anxious for nothing – but in everythign with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God – and the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds through jesus Christ”. Whether you believe in God or not, there’s a central truth in that. Anxiety prevents us from being generous. And we are a very anxious society at the moment. That is not related to fact – we are richer, less prone to illness, less a victim  of crime, than we have ever been. It is related to how we feel.

A healthy society is one where we are not too anxious to be generous. And by that measure, we are not a healthy society.

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6 Responses to The compassionless society.

  1. Craig Lambert says:

    Why doesn’t God save them? The useless invisible sky daddy.

  2. Craig Lambert says:

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

    —Isaiah 45:7

    Ah, that’ll explain it! God is evil. :-/

    • [J] Craig Lambert, you criticise without attempting to understand – only to give vent to what seems to be prejudice. The text simply attributes everything that is and can be to God. Light cannot conceptually exist without the concept of its absence. For love to show itself, to prove its worth – if it is not to wither away, requires that there is somewhere an absence of love, on which love can be brought to bear. All of existence is required to express God’s completeness, but not by statis, but by action, not by neutral indifference, but by interchange. Your duty, Craig Lambert is to God’s love, to fill up the absence of love, wherever you come across it, with the goodness of God. So, stop winging, stop blaming God, stop blaming others, go and help someone in need.

      • Craig Lambert says:

        I don’t blame God. I clearly state that he does not exist. I can’t be angry at or blame something that doesn’t exist. Religious people have never produced a single piece of independently verifiable evidence that your version, or any other version of ‘god’ exists. There is NOTHING in contemporary Roman or Greek literature (of which much survives) which mentions Jesus. If he were a miracle worker who rose from the dead, the WORLD would know about it. Not just a few peasants in a small part of the Middle East. That’s if your god existed and if it had any common sense.

        I have no ‘duty’ to anyone or anything which, under YOUR terms, created evil. I am angry with YOU for abdicating YOUR responsibility by allowing this god nonsense to determine a twisted morality in which you try hopelessly to explain that it’s God’s will that people starve to death, yet it’s your responsibility to dismantle the will of your god (albeit it Jesus already did that!- see below) Also, would you endorse an evil human being as your ringmaster? Someone who creates evil behaving like god, whose ‘love’ amounts to hate. Of course I’m ‘prejudiced’ against evil dressed up by Christians as love. I don’t know why you’re prejudiced against me though, by assuming I don’t help people in need. At NO point in my post did I say I do nothing, but you sanctimonious evidence-evading buffoons make gross assumptions to suit an agenda in which only your god and your beliefs lead to compassion and care. Both of your replies are based ENTIRELY on the negative premise that a human being who doesn’t believe in your god, or any other, is therefore someone who doesn’t give a damn about my fellow human beings.

        I do have a duty as a Humanist Atheist, to do charitable acts and help where I can. You don’t know or care to know that I donate to various charities within my limited means. I also give money to individual homeless people (cash in hand and not mere pennies) as I was very close to being in that position a few years ago when (as a single unemployed male with no children), I was not entitled to any help from the council or housing associations. I would have been on streets but for my recently deceased mother who was guarantor for a private rental until I was able to get myself back on my financial feet. None of that was thanks to ‘god’. It was a human act of love, by a mother for her son. Mum didn’t believe in god either. On your evil terms, she’s in Hell. What an insult you people are to humanity and my intelligence.

        Simply believing in ‘him’ is like you telling me that if I believe in Allah I’ll get 72 virgins waiting for me in heaven. That’s nonsense too (would you agree), but you’ve no more evidence that your god is real than the Muslims have that theirs is real. Your only ‘evidence’ is a fat book stuffed with contradictions and clear statements (such as the above), that gods do hateful, cruel, spiteful things which you simply choose to ignore. Endorsing slavery, slaughtering non-believers and non-Jews, murdering vast swathes of humanity via pestilence, plague and flood and all those ‘acts of god’ which invalidate insurance!. Nothing’s changed in that regard has it? Call me father? No thanks!

        Jesus said, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Clearly you don’t want to be perfect (Jesus stated it as a CHOICE, not, as Christians claim, an impossible aspiration), because you don’t want to give up your cosy middle class lives in an affluent country and sell all your possessions. Neither do I, but that’s because I’d be on the streets! As would you. So, you pick and choose which bits of the Bible suit your agenda and ignore the uncomfortable parts, by saying it’s god being mysterious…. Then attack me for being sensible!

        And consider this. The internet was created by an Atheist! Why are you even here? Because you’re hypocrites spreading your poison via a medium which actually exists but you should reject as it’s nothing to do with your god’s plan! Neither is Voodoo or Spiritualism, or child rape; so if you want to pretend the internet IS something your god wants, then he must want all that other stuff too!

        The fact is, if the world got rid of religion, we would all be Humanists. As human beings, that’s where our compassion, decency and common cause begins and ends. all you lot do is argue amongst yourselves, deny each others gods, make unsubstantiated claims against non-believers and, between the lot of you, mess up far more than you clean up by stealing the moral high ground via scriptures which fail to support your perception of right and wrong.

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