Seriously and literally. The madness of Donald Trump

We were told, when Trunp won, that the Press took him literally and not seriously, and that his voters took him seriously but not literally. Trumpseems to be taking himself seriously and literally. It’s a devastating combination.

It’s not my desire to write about people like this. I believe as a Christian my job is to be and to model good news, and to seek reconcilliation among people. I’ve tried to prevent myself defining my character by who I oppose, because I think that’s a false-self, a way of seeking to be better than my neighbours, which is in truth no real character at all.

I am not opposed to those who voted for Trump, for those who were desperate for change in America, to those who are on the right of Republicans, or those whose views of how to run a country or a society are diferent from mine. But I think that the current leader of the free world is dangerously delusional, possible a sociopath, and needs to be opposed before he grows into something we have all seen before.

Since being in the White House for less than a week, Trump has denied reality on a number of occasions. Some of these things of course do not matter – numbers at his inaguration, voter fraud wild theories ec. But the fact that a president can deny reality does matter, it matters very much.

He denies reality when it comes to building a border wall which the Mexicans will pay for. He denies reality when it comes to whether torture works or not. He denies reality when he says that abortion will decrease if he stops funding charities oversees whose work involves abortion. He denies reality when he says that climate change is a fraud perpetrated by China. None of his beliefs has basis in fact.

I think he believes all of these things to be true – which means that he is delusional. Combined with this, his ego is his morality. Over the coming years he will seek to disenfranchise sections of society who do not boost his ego. He will disenfranchise the media who rely on facts and call him to account. He will engage in viturperative behaviour in terms of other countries who disrespect him and do not flatter him, just as he will indulge people like Putin, because “he said nice things about me”.

The reason I think he has to be opposed by every country (instead of seeking accommodation, as Theresa May is currently doing) is because his has always operated on the verge of acceptable. He has enough nouse about him, and has enough people about him, to know that if he drifted into complete insanity he would be disregarded, and his ego could not permit that. But he will push and push to have his way in the maddest possible ways, until he is in danger of breaking that code which will feed his self-regard. The more leeway countries such as Britain give him, the more he will veer into the truly terrible.

That’s why there must be no accommodation on climate change, on trade deals, on “alternative facts”, on any of the lies he does not realise are lies. Because that just takes us further down a track towards madness. And that road is not very long – I have little doubt that if we make accommodation with him, by the end of his first term, the world will not only be a more dangerous place than it currently is, it may be in a spiral of conflict from which it cannot recover.

Recently the scientists in charge of the “nuclear clock” moved the time forward to two and a half minutes to midnight. It won’t be long before it will be moved closer.

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