Shiny happy people. Are clergy really that happy?

We happy happy few.

According to one of those survey things (see here)

Clergy are the happiest people in the country.

It’s interesting that this comes out at a time when a lot of us in the piscy church have been reading, and agreeing, with Malcolm Round’s Blog about the difficult and challenging attitudes to clergy that congregations sometimes have:

Is there a disparity here? I don’t think so, not really.

I’ve already blogged today, so here briefly the reasons why my job is the best job in the world – I’ve tried to put it in non-churchy language, so apologies that it doesn’t sound very theological.  

1)    The essence of my job means that everyone else who has my job has a moral obligation to care for me, and vice versa. Caring for one another is written into the contract

2)    We have a boss whose core job is to care for us – a Bishop’s job is to mind if we’re not happy, and have a desire to help. Again, it’s not just “desirable characteristics” is “essential requirements”.

3)    We are paid to think. People employ us to have interesting thoughts. I love that.

4)    We get to spend time with our God. We are free to be all one person all of the time.

5)    Our job is to be both honest and loving to people at the same time. That can be tough, sure, but it means that we are always training ourselves to be the kindest person we can be, whilst being full of integrity at the same time. To gloss over the truth, to lie, to try and “sell” religion is to demean our job and make it less worth doing.

6)    We are paid to be with people when they are raw, when they are hurting, and when they are full of love. We get to be with real people when they are most real. People we have never met are prepared to trust us with the most precious parts of themselves.

7)    Our job is finding beauty in things, in people, and using beautiful things (music, art, liturgy) to inspire others.

8)    We get to dress up in long slimming black robes. Yes it does matter.

9)    People listen to us. Even if they disagree, they generally listen. In a world where people aren’t listened to, that really matters.

10) When things aren’t right, we know – we know! that it’s not how the world should be. We are morally obliged to change it.

So that, dear reader, is why we have the best damn job in the world.

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