Act of Worship

I hope this doesn’t sound like blowing my own trumpet or anything, but here it a link for the Act of Worship broadcast I did – available for seven days normally. Act of Worship is the same, more or less, as Daily Service, only instead of being in a cold damp church with a live choir, you are in a nice cosy broom cupboard with some CDs.

Interesting process (and a bit nerve-wracking for me, who has not done much live stuff other than Evensong). But one question, friends. Why ON EARTH did no-one tell my how camp I sound?

Act of Worship can be found about half way down the page.

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2 Responses to Act of Worship

  1. Ashley Turnell says:

    Emmanuel Church Didsbury isn’t cold and damp!! It’s very warm and welcoming… as you pointed out, the choir are most definitely live and are an extremely dedicated bunch, as I’m sure you know! Perhaps you could come down and lead worship for Daily Service one of these days?

  2. frpip says:

    Hi Ash. I was more thinking of those occasions in the Cathedral when the poor choristers had to sit for an hour or so. I’m rather ashamed to say that I have been involved with more Daily Services than I have listened to… I didn’t realise there was an “in residence” choir, I assumed it travelled around as Choral Evensong does. Apologies if I have insulted any church, or their boiler-repair men…

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