Embarrassing first post.

So this is where I will be posting some sermons, and some other stuff related to classes, courses, and thoughts. I suspect this won’t be a place where I just “muse” – partly because no-one will want to read it, and partly because Musing Blogs make me want to grab Mnemosyne by the throat and scream at her “You see what you brought us to???????”

So this will be mainly formed stuff. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Just thought about.


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Priest, Dad, A long way away. You can call me Father Father Father.
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3 Responses to Embarrassing first post.

  1. Lay Clerk says:

    Why do you presume no one will want to read your musings?

  2. frpip says:

    Because, my dear Lay Clerk, my musings and I are old companions. I used to keep a diary. and when I read my musings back, they were the sort of musings I wanted to hit on the head with a frying pan until they looked like Tom after Jerry went a bit mental.

  3. Lay Clerk says:

    Ach, go for it anyway, what’s the worst that could happen!

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